Single Family & Town Home Communities

Many single family and townhome communities do not need or want the same set of services that are geared more towards a condominium. Since there is no common ownership in the physical units (homes), when you live in a homeowners association, you should not pay the same rate per home to your management company that is charged for a condominium, yet most management companies still charge a similar rate. NPM will tailor a program designed specifically for the needs of your community based on many factors, such as the type of home (townhouse or single family) the size of the community, the location of the community, the amenities, the age of the community, amount of common area, financial strength, and participation level of the community.

All of these factors are unique to each community and a management program should take all of that into consideration when coming up with a management plan and a cost for that plan. Keep in mind your community may want or need what is considered full management or you may only financial management, NPM can customize a specific program from the list below to provide exactly what it is you are looking for. The services we provide to our homeowners associations include but are not limited to:

Single Family & Town Home Services

  • Maintain Checking and Reserve accounts
  • Invoice and collect all assessments from owners
  • Notify delinquent owners, in writing, of their balance due and their obligation to the association
  • Coordinate collection of delinquent accounts with the Association's attorney as necessary.
  • Deposit all funds received on behalf of the Association.
  • Disburse authorized funds from the checking account as directed by the Board.
  • Conduct periodic inspections of the community in order to insure that all owners are in compliance with the governing documents.
  • Issue violations notices to any owner who has any outstanding violations.
  • Obtain, for the Board of Directors, bids for grounds maintenance, snow removal, insurance, taxes & audits, landscaping, reserve expenditures, and any other items (routine or non-routine) as needed and directed by the Board.
  • Attend Board of Directors Meetings and the Annual Meeting.
  • Provide monthly Management Reports to the Board containing all activity of the preceding month.
  • Assist the Board of Directors in preparing the Annual Budget.
  • Contract for the annual audit of the Association's records, if so directed by the Board.
  • Maintain all financial records and accounts for the association.
  • Issue written correspondence to owners regarding matters that are brought to management by the Board of Directors.
  • Be initial point of contact, if desired by the Board, to all owners regarding association matters.